How We Got Started

As defined by Webster's GRIT; firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship.  


Our humble beginnings began on the banks of the Potomac River in the shadows of our First President's home, Mount Vernon. That first duck blind was the start of one of the largest waterfowl guide services in the Atlantic-Flyway. I'll never forget that first day in that blind, the boys each shot a limit of mallards; it was an event that set the course of our future and foreshadowing of the success that was to come.

Grit Pack Calls was born out of our guide service Outdoor Action. OA is one of the largest waterfowl outfits from Maine to Florida east of the Appalachians. The men and women that made that happen are known as the Grit Pack. Waterfowling to us is not a passion, its not our job, its not our hobby, its our life, we live it and breath it everyday, and it rages through our veins and pours into our soul. This is what brings our calls to life and we will not quit till we put the best duck or goose call in your hands.

Our belief system is simple we believe in; the Redemptive Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ, that this country is the greatest place on earth, loving and taking care of our families, and killing ducks and geese and we don't apologize for any of it. If you share these values and the love of waterfowling then welcome to the Grit Nation™.

Teddy Carr, Jon Carr, and Justin Carr-Owners