Q. What is the difference between a single reed and double reed duck calls?
Single reeds allow you more versatility, speed, and a larger selection of different sounds. Double reeds are usually raspier and easier to blow, but restrict you in the quality and the range of sounds you make. However our single reeds are very easy to blow, its one of the ways GP Calls is working for you to produce the best duck calls possible.

Q.How often should I change my cork wedge in my duck call?
We recommend once a year. GP Calls uses rubberized cork and it is much more durable and will last longer, but we want to get you into a routine of call maintenance. We cannot overstate the importance of a good tight fit between your reed and cork wedge, if you find it harder to get the notes you want or the call goes off pitch, look at your cork wedge first.

Q. Why do acrylic calls cost more than polycarbonate calls?
Polycarbonate is a less expensive material as is the manufacturing process. However acrylic gives you a much sharper sound throughout the tone scale especially at the low end where you are working to finish ducks. With GP Call's free re-tune policy your acrylic call could literally last you a lifetime. 

Q. If I have a problem with my Grit Pack Call do I take it back to the dealer or store where I bought it?
No, we handle any problem here at the shop. Read the Terms link on our website for details on warranty issues and returns.

Q. How do I clean my call?
First, never take your call apart unless it becomes out of tune, and only then if you are experienced at re-tuning a call especially a goose call. Over time the internal parts of a call become seated and if the call sounds good you don't want to break that seating. Fill your sink with warm soapy water (we like to use a mild dish detergent) let it soak for 10 minutes then rinse under the faucet through both ends of the call and let air dry.

Q. What causes my call to get out of tune?
There are a number of things that will cause a call to become out of tune. A reed becomes de-laminated, the cork wedge becomes worn out causing the reed to become loose, extreme temperature especially heat will cause the internals of a call to move or as we call it, walk. A build up of grit between the tone board and the reed, really important to keep your call clean. If your call becomes out of tune remember we offer free re-tunes for as long as you own the call, all we ask is that you pay $10 for shipping back to you.

Q. How should I store my call in the off-season?
Avoid exposing your call to extreme temperatures especially heat. Example do not leave your call in your vehicle during the summer months. Your call will most definitely become out of tune.